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Nepal Fire
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About Us The Key To Safety Is In Your Hands

Nepal Fire and Safety solutions is a total Fire and Safety Protection providing Company established 2018 in Nepal growing rapidly as one of the best professional companies. The company has demonstrated commitment to quality, innovation and professionalism in each product areas providing customers at all levels the comfort of dealing with a single entity. We are 100 percent committed to providing the highest quality and products available. We bring together expertise in the areas of Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Fire suppression system Fire Extinguishers, PPE(Head Protection, Fall protection, Feet protection, Body protection) , Rescue items ,Electrical safety items Road safety items in complete series.
Our purpose is to meet our customer expectations related to their business growth over the coming years, and what obstacles may arise and opportunities to be followed. We are committed to achieve the most cost effective methods. We will identify and notify the specific areas which will give benefits to reducing costs, overheads, wasted times, returns, defects, delay of delivery in our execution. We believe that our first responsibility is to supply reliable and suitable product to our customer, and help them to make the best decision on what will be reliable and beneficiary for them.

Emergency Light And Signages

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CCTV Surveillance System

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Security Alarm System

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Rescue Equipment

High-Quality Fire & Safety Service Provider in...


To be widely acknowledged top rating provider of Fire and safety Solutions in Nepal, offering excellent service with structural and operation concept. To ensure the Company longevity through repeated recommendations achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service minded attitudes. We shall provide a full range of Personal Protective Equipment, fire safety equipment, rescue ,road safety items to our Customers serving the needs of the Workers, company, industries, hotel ,Apartment etc . We shall equip the Workers in every part of Nepal exposed to various hazards at their working environment, with complete knowledge on Personal Safety. We will dedicate our efforts in reaching out to them; understand their needs, and will provide appropriate solutions through right equipment selection and training.


To perform the highest level of quality services through fair and competitive market prices. Guided by hard work, integrity and innovative technology, we seek to create value for our clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders, fostering development and higher levels of sustainable growth


Safety “Operate in a safe, but timely manner; never work in conditions you think as unsafe”
Honesty & Integrity “Values must be demonstrated in the way you act and the way you insist others behave.”
Pride & Knowledge “Pride in work and general company ethics.”





Our Company is committed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction by ensuring

  • Of Highest Quality Standard ; and
  • Timely Delivery of Goods.

We also commit ourselves to abide by all applicable and obligatory requirements and move towards operational goals and targets indicated by the strategic directions of the organization. We will provide an Environment-Friendly & Healthy work atmosphere to continually improve in all spheres of activities and nurture a genuine team spirit.